Live Event Screen Printing

What is Live Event Screen Printing?

Welcome to the next generation of custom apparel. We offer a fully mobile LIVE screen printing experience with designs specifically customized around your event. Allow your guests to choose from several designs, and take part in the creation of LIVE art making from T-shirts, tote bags to posters before their eyes!!

Add style to your event and give your guests  a memorable experience and a lifelong handcrafted souvenir! 

Mobile Screen Printing

Workhorse Party Package

Workhorse Package Includes

-  2-8 Hour custom package

- LIVE printing staff

- Travel to your event 

- 1 Screen printing station

- Up to 4 Custom designs

- Up to 600 prints

1) Each  package is customized to the specific needs of your event. You can purchase the shirts from us, or have your guests purchase them from us directly.  Our mobile studio cost is based on per hour, number of prints, and staff. We can print up to 75 shirts an hour on our 1 station 4 color printing press. 

2) We create and finalize up to 4 designs prior to your event. Want more designs? We can add up 8 custom designs and 2 printing presses.

3) We professionally setup a our mobile studio which requires a 10x10 area at your events preferred location. We also require a electrical outlet to run our equipment. Outdoor event, no outlet, no problem, we have portable generators on standby. Setup usually takes about 1 hour. Then its show time, shirts are made hot right off the press! 

DIY party Package

This is our DIY mobile party package. Your guests are now able to print shirts, tote bags, and poster themselves, guided by our specialist master printer. 

#1) DIY Party Package: Guests print their own images. Designs are created prior to your party.

Requires a 20x20 Area. Up to 10 single color designs. Up to 10 single printing presses.

#2) DIY Party mobile class package: Full workshop. Teaches you basics of the printing process from start to finish.

The class will be broken into 6 sections. 

Section 1: Key terms

Section 2: Artwork output

Section 3: Printing out artwork

Section 4: Preparing the screens

Section 5: On press registration

Section 6: Hands on printing